Sensory Paths & Playground Marking

Well laid out sensory paths and playground markings can provide young people with engaging opportunities for physical learning and fun!

Particularly helpful for early learning scenarios, they can help keep school fresh and exciting while making maths and English a lot more enjoyable.

High-quality playground markings are also a great way to encourage activity during breaks and in structured playtime.

We apply long-lasting water-based acrylic road marking paint to playgrounds and shared spaces – for a highly durable solution – designed for regular use.

Our team can design and manufacture custom stencils for playground markings in any shape or pattern required, utilising our Computer Software and CNC Router to keep your space updated with new markings as time goes by.

Offering a vibrantly colourful and tactile place for kids to play can also help with behavioural problems: allowing children to become absorbed, unwind and recharge during breaks and after class. 

Talk with our friendly team today about your sensory path and playground line marking! 

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